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Reduce costs and increase quality with FOSS

Internet infrastructure automation with 24x7 support, since 1999.

We provide FOSS for VOIP providers, including our unique libevent powered, memcached provisioned SIP switch cluster solution. We also continue supporting our traditional line of DNS, Mail, HTTP, RADIUS, SQL and other mission critical cluster system software. Our customers include: Large VOIP providers, Telcos, ASPs, corporate WAN operators, and ISPs; as well as large web commerce operators.

Free/Libre GPL Downloads

unxsVZ Wiki
iDNS/mysqlBind2 BIND/DNS Management System Portal
OpenISP Software

Critical internet infrastructure deployment and maintenance providing remarkable value is our company mission. We provide software and/or consulting for both deployment on customer provided hardware and/or deployment on cloud computing infrastructure like ec2, AppEngine, Salesforce and many others.

We can also provide project management for deployment of such systems. For example, if you wish to use your own human resources to deploy a mail cluster. Then we can provide project management (and additional human resources if needed) to get it done right, on time and on budget.


...Thanks for all your help. The system is definitely head and shoulders above anything thing else I've tried. Chris (Mailcustodian, LLP, UK)

Call us now at +1 310-356-6265 (L.A. area) or +1 630-206-9449 (Chicago area.)