unixservice, llc.

Very cost effective automated cloud provisioning of any type of internet service.

Let us run your app and service cloud infrastructure for you. 1k virtual servers 24x7 DevOps and continuous integration contracts starting at 2k per month.

We know how to keep your services synced and running across multiple datacenters. Less talk, more results.


Our DNS management software gives you and your customers, full, 24x7, safe, and time proven modern web panel access to their DNS records. DNS and business logic rules make sure that your customers DNS services can be self managed safely.

We only use ISC BIND named DNS servers.

Private Cloud Manager

By leveraging orthogonality, live snapshot technology and virtualization along with operations research methods we have been able to build a resilient private cloud management system. Our cloud manager is extensible and is based on group operations. Groups of virtual servers can be acted on via distributed async job queues. Major breakthrough in continuous resource allocation autonomics is included.

Internet of Things

Build your own low cost highly efficient IoT app business. Run multi-datacenter always on backend services for your own IoT control/monitor app.

We can help you build your own consolidated home/business/factory IoT app and make sure it is always running at full speed with fresh data. Give us a call and get started TODAY in this wide open internet business segment.